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If there's something that's special in this whole world - it's a wedding, and if it's special to you, then it's special to us.

We have been providing photography (and entertainment services) for weddings for more years than we care to remember. What we do remember however, is that your wedding day will be the most special and best day of your life. What you need then are people who understand that, and can provide that special service to make it a dream day for the bride and groom, and all of their guests.

Please remember that we have many years of experience in many fields (literally in some cases), and if there's something that you're not sure about in regard to pricing, type of service, or the content of that service, then we are but a telephone call or email away.

Recent Engagements

  • Rock 'N' Roll Trio With Hi Tec Entertainment At A Wedding Disco in The Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

    Rock 'N' Roll Wedding Trio

    A photograph of some of the guests at a recent wedding at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. This is true rock 'n' roll.
  • Christmas With Hi Tec Entertainment At The Grosvenor Hilton, Glasgow

    Christmas At The Grosvenor Hilton

    Christmas like it's supposed to be - eating, drinking, and dancing the night away. Have a great time at a Hi Tec Xmas party night
  • Christening Party At A Local Hall With Hi Tec Entertainment

    Let's All Do The Conga

    Some children and parents enjoying themselves at a Christening. You would never be able to tell which of them have been drinking and which were stone cold sober!!!!